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The Profiltech
milling process.
The Profiltech milling process

All copper materials can be milled in all conditions. Our milling process does not introduce stresses into the material. The microstructure of the base material is thus not impacted.

Milling in no way affects the homogeneity of tensile strength, hardness, electrical or thermal conductivity over the profile width. Unlike other processes, milling does not change the microstructure of the base material.

The great design freedom of the cross-section allows a flexible design of the thickness transitions (flank angle, radii). Furthermore, the milling process allows close thickness tolerances to be achieved in longitudinal and transverse direction.

  • Less strip consumption per punched part
  • Low tool costs, as folding and embossing are not required during the punching process
  • Smaller tools and presses; shorter set-up and maintenance times
  • Higher productivity during punching, as higher punching speeds are possible
  • No readjustment of the punching parameters at coil changes
Technological properties

Beim Fräsen können je nach Zustand – Planheit, Rollkrümmung, Säbel, Schneidequalität – des angelieferten Materials und der Fräsgeometrie Spannungen frei werden. Diese können Einfluß auf den Drall, die Querwölbung und den Säbel ausüben. In vielen Fällen führt eine Richtoperation vor / während des Fräsens zur Verbesserung dieser Werte.

Benefits for the punching of milled profile strips
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