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We give your
product a profile.


We give your
product a profile.


Profile strips
from Profiltech
Milling in longitudinal and transverse direction
with the highest precision
Our milled profile strips guarantee optimum flexibility and further processing in stamping technology.

Benefit from the innovation and savings potentials of the market leader. The use of milled profile strips – often also referred to as stepped strips – allows otherwise necessary work steps such as embossing to be eliminated or makes technical solutions for the production of stamped parts possible.

Profiltech has developed a special milling technology for strip profiling. The machines and tools are developed and built in our in-house machine and toolmaking shop. The profile strips are produced according to specially defined production plans for each profile. This is also an important prerequisite for the consistently high standard of quality.

  • Profile strips from 0.1 to 4.0 mm thick and 2 to 190 mm wide

  • Homogeneous material properties over the whole cross-section

  • Less strip consumption per punched part with higher punching speed

  • Lower punching tool costs, as folding or embossing are not required

  • Smaller punching tools and presses and therefore shorter set-up and maintenance times

  • No readjustment of the punching parameters at coil changes

In the meantime, the use of profile strips has expanded considerably in practically all areas where parts are produced from strip in a punching operation. This means that assemblies whose elements were previously produced from several strips and had to be joined together, for example, by means of a welding operation, can now be produced more cost-effectively from milled profile strip in just one punching operation.

The milling technology developed by Profiltech makes it possible to produce stepped strips with very precise, narrow channels with the smallest radii and chamfers that are used, for example, in the latest generation of power LEDs. In the meantime, additions to our machine park now enable us to produce strips up to 4 mm thick and up to 190 mm wide that are predominantly used in e-mobility applications. A further milestone is the development of a special milling machine which enables machining in longitudinal and transverse direction with the highest precision.

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